The Psychology of Photography (Blog)

Understanding the psychology of photography is no easy task. On one hand, we may discuss the reasons why a photographer snaps a particular picture. Unless you’re a street photographer who “shoots from the hip”, in which the reasons are entirely instinctual (unconscious), those reasons are going to involve both conscious intents and unconscious desires (and no, I don’t believe they’re Freudian ones). On the other hand, we may also discuss the meaning of a photo taken, and how we may decide whether that endeavor was successful.

Join Me

Join me on my photographic adventures in which I attempt to decode the motivation behind every picture. And, yes, please contact me and give me your opinions. They are always welcome. I take everything in consideration, including what you have to say. Ultimately, you are the judge of anyone’s work. You are, after all, the audience. And if you’re also a photographer, lay it on.

This challenge (to decipher the elusive psychology of photography) will be in the form of a blog, starting with “The Furnace”. I do not currently have this blog opened to directly commenting, but this will happen soon. For now, just contact me.

I’m curious to see where this is going to go. Will you join me?

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— Rick

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