Pacific Palisades Beach

Pacific Palisades Beach

Pacific Palisades Beach: the Catch

No, the catch was not of a fish, but of this Pacific Palisades beach and fisherman’s chair in Pacific Palisades near Malibu, CA. I was looking for birds interacting with the water and noticed that the mist coming in from the ocean filtered sunlight perfectly. My focus was on seagulls, though, and when I was tired of waiting for them to come near the waves and finally come to their senses (and realize they were unreasonable models), I saw the chair. Glad I took that shot now. The mood got to me instantly, and it’s not often you can really convey it through a picture. But if it makes you feel something, then that’s probably the same way I felt then.

How this photo of Pacific Palisades Beach was shot

In landscape photography, as well as wildlife photography, there are many surprises, simply because nature is always unpredictable. You never really capture what you had envisioned (or you rarely do). You may come close, and often come back empty-handed, or at best, disappointed. But at times the unexpected is welcomed. This would be an example of this. I had seen the mist, of course, and waited for the proper time when the light was at it best (near sundown). But I may not have realized there was a perfectly good shot near me had it not been for the birds that decided to keep a relatively low profile. When you look at the photo, it seems obvious — but only in retrospect.

Technical Details

I was actually quite far from the chair and used a long lens (Tamron 150-600 mm). I could have simply walked up to it, and take a shot with a wide-angle lens. But the effect would not have been the same. Only the lens I used could have compressed foreground and background the way it has. Some may argue I should have used the wide-angle lens to add depth between the chair and the ocean. But that’s a matter of taste.

In the End

Now, did I get any of the low-flying seagulls? Yes. I did. And if they didn’t play with the waves, they did do other things seagulls typically do. But that’s for another time.

Thank you for readying. Any comments, post below, or contact me.

If you’re a photographer and have a pic of your own that means something to you, I’d love to see it. Isn’t photography so much fun?

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