Photography has been described as visual poetry. It requires no words. I love the challenge of capturing what is meaningful, both in terms of emotional impact and, if possible, making a statement and bringing attention to what surrounds us and is often overlooked. There is something about catching a moment that is deeply rewarding.

I’m a French-born photographer now living in the Los Angeles area. You’ll see me in the mountains, the desert, or wherever nature hides from the unseeing eyes of LA’s anxious traffic and busy life. I make every effort to reveal nature at its best, because when the right light reveals her for what she is, she is beautiful.

Relevant Background

I was trained in the field of visual perception as a biopsychologist at Emory University. The visual scientist in me wants to know how we process visual images, but the psychologist in me wants to understand how those images can impact us on an emotional level. I’ve always been an artist (my fiction has always emphasized the visual dimension), and believe that what we see can have as much of an emotional impact as what we hear (think of your favorite genre in music). Okay, well, almost. But images can be incredibly powerful in eliciting responses that are sad, amusing, reviving, awe-inspiring, etc… So gravitating toward photography was as natural to me as slipping into shoes on my way to work. I didn’t stumble across photography. It was always there. One day I just picked up a camera. And that was pretty much it.

Having worked with animals in graduate school (rhesus macaques), I now spend a significant amount of time photographing them and the nature that surrounds them. When I’m not doing that, I teach psychology at Citrus College in Glendora, CA.

Photography Gear

Nikon D3300
Nikon 8-55 mm f/3.5-5.6 lens
Nikon 55-300mm f/4.5-5.6 lens
Tamron SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 lens

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