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About Me

Photography. I have a studio attached to the house, and beautiful scenery in the mountains, ocean and desert all around. I'm lucky. So I spend a significant amount of time with photography, whether it's in nature, photographing models or even my cats. Generally speaking, I'm more interested in finding meaning in a picture than a niche based on subject.

Psychology. I received my Ph.D. in psychology from Emory University, Atlanta, GA. in 1995 and did a combined 9 years of research in biopsychology that includes a postdoc, meaning that I investigated how the brain processes information — specifically visual information. My interest in psychology is broad and I currently teach the subject at Citrus College in Glendora, CA in Los Angeles County.

Author. I am in love with science fiction and the horror genre and have published in these areas.

Meditation. I learned mediation while an undergrad from a philosophy professor around 1989-90 and practiced TM for decades before converting fully to mindfulness. I started my mindfulness practice by first learning the technique from Shinzen Young and have attended retreats, such as Spirit Rock in San Francisco. I try to be present not just in photography, but in life.